Skin filler agents (RestylaneTM, JuvédermTM)

Consultation $75

First visit only
30 minutes (includes treatment)
Consultation costs deducted from treatment cost

Approximate rates

Lips: $400 
Cheeks: $700 
Under eyes: $700 
Marionette lines: $700 
Non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job): $700 
Vaginal rejuvenation: $3,000 

*Note that some rates may vary.


Skin filler agent

JuvédermTM in an injectable gel that restores skin volume and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while keeping the skin looking natural. This gel, which contains hyaluronic acid, a sugar the body produces naturally, restores skin volume and structure by reducing wrinkle depth and correcting volume loss. The treatment’s effects are immediate, and the product has been shown to be safe for all skin types.

Other brands of this agent area also available, including RestylaneTM, PerlaneTM, TeosyalTM, BeloteroTM, RadiesseTM.

Filler injections are practically painless as the various products also include a local anesthetic. After one or two injections, the area becomes numb and the rest of the treatment is pain-free.

If you are still concerned about pain, an analgesic cream can be applied one hour before the treatment (depending on the area). The full procedure takes 45 minutes at the most, but varies depending on the number of areas being treated. In general, Juvéderm/Restylane remains effective for 8 to 12 months. Some products are intended to last longer, such as Restylane VolumeTM and Juvéderm VolumaTM.

  1. Cheeks
  2. Cheek wrinkles
  3. Facial contour
  4. Lip hydration
  5. Lip volume
  6. Chin
  7. Cheek bones
  8. Nasolabial folds
  9. Smoker’s lines
  10. Lip contour
  11. Marionette lines

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