Wrinkles (DysportTM, BotoxTM)

Consultation $75

First visit only (touch-ups and follow-ups included)
30 minutes (includes the treatment)
Consultation costs deducted from treatment cost

Approximate rates

Botox, per unit: $12
More than 50 units: $10/unit
Dysport, per unit: $10
Frown lines: From $240 
Forehead lines: From $120 
Crow’s feet: From $144
Axillary perspiration (women): $800 
Axillary perspiration (men): $1,200 

*Note that some rates may vary.


Wrinkles (DysportTM, BotoxTM)



You’re in great shape and bursting with energy. You’re confident. Yet the way you look doesn’t reflect the real you. BotoxTM Cosmetic (botulinum toxin) can make you look younger, fresher and more relaxed.

We often refer to BotoxTM rather than using the more appropriate term, which is botulinum toxin type A. This product belongs to the family of neuromodulators that includes DysportTM and XeominTM, two other products used to reduce the signs of aging. Botulinum toxin (BotoxTM) in particular is used in dermatology to rejuvenate the skin. It reduces the appearance of expression lines, particularly frown lines, crow’s feet, upper-lip lines (smoker’s lines) and forehead lines. Botulinum toxin (BotoxTM) is also sometimes used to diminish neck, nose and lip wrinkles.

  • Glabellar lines (frown lines)
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Brow lift

One of the reasons eyebrows begin to droop is because the outer part of the eye’s ocular muscle has weakened due to age, skin elasticity, lifestyle, or heredity. Over time, the eyebrow begins to sag, and when this happens at the end of the eyebrow, it creates a sad look.

The goal of the treatment is to maintain or lift the end of the eyebrow to allow people to see clearly. When BotoxTM (botulinum toxin) is used correctly and injected into the right location, it can rebalance the muscle structure, enabling the end of the eyebrow to lift, which is why the procedure is called a brow lift. With more pronounced eyelid droop, surgery (blepharoplasty) may be needed for best results. 


The vertical wrinkles and fine lines above the lips, called smoker’s lines, may appear unsightly and cause lipstick to bleed. These lines appear when the area around the mouth loses substance (fat, muscle, skin loosening, etc.). One of the most effective treatments for deep lines around the mouth is to combine injections of skin filler (JuvédermTM) and BotoxTM (botulinum toxin). It is often also necessary to restore volume in the upper lip by lightly highlighting the outline. Subtle lip contouring typically yields excellent results.

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