Breast Implants

 Consultation $150 

- Increase the size and appearance of your breasts
- Balance the size of your breasts with the rest of your body
- Replace volume lost due to a weight loss or a pregnancy
- Improve the shape of your breasts if they droop or are no longer firm
- Correct a difference in volume between your breasts.


Breast Implants

Getting ready for a breast surgery

During the consultation we will examine your breasts in order to determine the size of the implants in accordance with your physic and your needs. In addition, we will discuss the location of the incision, where the implant will be placed and its size. 

Breast Augmentation: Surgery

This day surgery lasts approximately one hour and it is performed under general anesthesia. After the surgery, a dressing will be placed around the incision. The rest of your breast will remain uncovered so you will able to notice the results immediately. The use of a bra is at your discretion. Most the patients feel more comfortable using one. 

Recovery after Breast Augmentation

This surgery causes moderate pain which is easily controlled with the prescribed medication. You can take a shower one day after the surgery. The postoperative consultations are normally scheduled one week, three weeks, three months and one year after the surgery. It is recommended to have a follow up consultation every year after the surgery. Intense physical activity must be avoided during the first six weeks after surgery. If your work does not require any physical activity you will be able to return in a few days. After the surgery, your breasts may be swollen for some time. The final result will be achieved three months after the surgery. 

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