Inverted Nipple

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Many women have inverted nipples. In most cases it is congenital, meaning that the condition existed at birth.This issue is present when the mammary canals joining in the nipple are too short and pull it inwards. According to the case, the inverted nipple may be permanent or only when it is in rest, affecting one or both breasts. Inverted nipples may cause hygienic problems or represent a source of discomfort. It is possible to correct inverted nipples with a simple and reliable surgery.  


Inverted Nipple


We will provide you with instructions to prepare for the surgery, including information about smoking habits, dietary guidance, as well as vitamins, natural products and medicines to avoid before and after the surgery. .


This day surgery lasts approximately 20 minutes per nipple and is performed under local anesthetic. The nipple is delicately pulled outwards and a small incision is made at its base in order to be able to cut the short canals. We immediately place a light dressing on the nipple. We recommend using a loose bra in order to avoid pressure on the corrected nipple. 


This surgery causes a slight pain which is easily controlled with prescribed medication. Results can be observed immediately. The nipple may remain swollen for approximately two weeks. If your work does not require any physical activity you will be able to return the same day. If you take acetaminophen (Tylenol) you will be able to drive after the surgery but if you are taking other medicines you will have to wait. The dressing must be kept dry and intact for the first post operatory consultation five days after the surgery. It will be removed and replaced by another dressing around the nipple. You will be able to repeat this process yourself after taking a shower. Two weeks after the surgery you may stop using the dressing. A follow up consultation is scheduled one month after the surgery to gauge your satisfaction. The suture is conducted using melting stitches, so there is no need to have them removed. The small knots on the sides of the scars may take longer to fall. If that is the case, they will be removed at the post operatory consultation two weeks after the surgery. It is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse for two weeks after the surgery and to wait three weeks before starting any intense physical activities. If your work does not require any physical activity you will be able to return the day after the surgery. The final result will be achieved one week after the surgery. The small scars around the nipple heal very fast and generally disappear within one month after the surgery. 


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