Inverted nipple

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An inverted nipple occurs when the milk ducts connecting to the nipple are too short and pull the nipple inward. The nipple may be permanently inverted, or only when at rest. One or both breasts may be affected. Inverted nipples can cause hygiene issues and may be a source of embarrassment, but they can be corrected with surgery.  


Inverted nipple


We will provide information on how to prepare for the surgery, including instructions on eating, smoking, vitamins and natural supplements, as well as medications to avoid before and after the operation.


Reverting an inverted nipple is a day surgery performed with local anesthesia that takes about 20 minutes per nipple. The nipple is pulled gently outward, and a small incision is made at the base to cut the truncated ducts. We then apply a light bandage on the corrected nipple. After the surgery, you will be asked to wear a bra with extra room to avoid compressing the nipple.


You may experience slight pain after the surgery that can be managed with prescribed medications. The results of the surgery will be visible as soon as it is completed. Your nipple may be swollen for a couple of weeks. If your work does not require physical effort, you may return to work the same day. If you only take acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain, you will be able to drive after the operation (you will need to wait, however, if you take narcotics).

The bandage must be kept dry and intact until the first post-operative visit, which is five days after the surgery. The bandage will be changed at that visit to one that surrounds the nipple. You will be able to change this dressing yourself daily after you shower. The dressing may be completely removed after two weeks. You will have to wear a loose bra for four weeks. A follow-up visit is scheduled one month after the operation to ensure you are satisfied with the result. The stitches will dissolve on their own; do not try to remove them. The small knots on the ends of the incisions may take longer to dissolve. If this occurs, they will be cut off at the one-month visit. It is recommended to wait two weeks after the operation to have sexual relations, and three weeks before engaging in intense physical effort. If your work does not require physical effort, you may return the day after the operation. The definitive results of the surgery will be observable about one week later. The small incisions near the nipple and areola tend to heal well and should disappear within a month of the operation.


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