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Pregnancy, aging or weight fluctuations may cause a loosening of the abdominal muscles along with fat accumulation and a decrease of skin tone..




There are several kinds of abdominoplasty. Depending on the results of a physical examination conducted by us, we will advise you about the surgical technique that best suits your needs. The extent of the abdominal scar varies from patient to patient. For those patients suffering from a loosening of the abdominal muscles (diastasis rectus abdominus) and excess skin, a minor abdominoplasty including muscle repair on the rectus abdominus should be enough in most cases. When the excess of skin and fat is more serious, a complete abdominoplasty must be performed. This kind of surgery leaves a longer scar on the lower part of the abdominals as well as another one around the navel. If there is excess fat in the lateral portion of the abdomen (love handles), we may suggest performing a liposuction in addition to the abdominoplasty. 
It is essential to stop smoking six weeks before and after the surgery. This measure prevents long recovery times and the opening of surgical wounds. A long recovery time may also affect patients with diabetes or who are overweight. 


This day surgery lasts between two and three hours according to the technique used and is performed under general anesthesia. After the surgery, we will cover the incisions with a dressing and you must wear an abdominal support girdle. Small drains will be also placed on the lower part of the abdominals.  


This surgery can cause strong pain that is easily treated with prescribed medication and rest. A follow up consultation is scheduled one week after the surgery in order to remove the dressing and the drains. From that moment, you can start taking showers. Following the surgery, you must wear the compression garment day and night for three weeks and another three weeks during the day. The rest of the postoperative consultations are generally scheduled three weeks, three months and one year after the surgery. Intense physical activity must be avoided for six weeks. If your work does not require any physical activity you will be able to return after a few weeks but is recommended to stop working from four to six weeks. The final result is normally achieved two to three months after the surgery but it is possible that the scars display some redness from six to twelve months. The results of abdominoplasty are long term, and if you maintain a healthy lifestyle you can profit from flat abdominals for many years.

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