Specialised in the field of aesthetic medicine for close to a decade, Dr. Blackburn takes to heart the idea of sharing the wealth of knowledge she has acquired over the course of her career. It’s with the goal of educating the new generation that, in 2013, she launched The Medical Aesthetic Institute of Montreal, also known as IMEM.

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The Mini-lift

The Mini Lift, a non-surgical face-lift

Usually called ‘the non-surgical face-lift’, the Mini Lift anti-aging treatment is a quicker and easier alternative to more drastic methods, such as plastic surgery, to flaunt a refreshed face and neck.

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For a few years now, the ideal female shape has undergone a few changes. In the early 2000s, narrow hips and rather discreet buttocks were part of the contemporary aesthetic ideal. But now, in 2018, some women want a shapelier backside.

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